November 2022

  • Fixed:
    • Previously, when using the API to update a user, the API did not validate to ensure the user had an organizational email. The API now requires an organizational email for requests to update users. (PD-80123)
    • The API cannot be used to update a user's profile-image-url. The API now returns an error if you try to update a user’s profile-image-url. (PD-80123)

October 2022

  • Fixed:
    The filter[start_date] and filter[end_date] query parameters for Get All Content and User endpoints now operate independently. Previously, supplying only the filter[end_date] parameter had no effect on the query. (PD-79042)
  • Added:
    Get All Content endpoints now support filter[modified_before] and filter[modified_after]. (PD-79042)

September 2022

  • Fixed:
    • The xAPI formerly reported the Pathway in which a content item was completed. We fixed a bug that stopped that from happening. (PD-77722)
    • /skill-plans pathway now validates the section-type provided in POST and PATCH requests to ensure only valid data is accepted. (PD-78685)
    • /skill-plans and pathways endpoints previously accepted a range of values that was too broad for the metadata attribute. Those endpoints now only accept JSON objects. (PD-78819)
  • Added:
    • GET /skill-plans/{id} now includes the ID for each section in the skill plan. (PD-78684)
    • /skill-plans now returns more attributes in the GET ALL method, i.e., GET without ID specified. (PD-78523)
  • Documentation:
    • Fixed the /skill-plans endpoint to include section-id and section-resource-id.
    • Added OAuth Server and Tenant Server URLs for CA and EU clients to the xAPI LinkedIn Learning guide.

August 2022

  • Improved:
    • The xAPI previously checked only for IDs when adding or reporting completions. It now also checks against IRI, the international standard for URIs, which is required by the xAPI standard. (PD-75027)
  • Added:
    • You can now GET ALL users associated with a skill plan and add or remove them from skill plans using the /skill-plans/{id}/followers endpoint.
    • You can now use the /skill-plans endpoint to manage the image associated with a skill plan.
  • Fixed:
    • The Groups endpoint formerly returned null for modified-at because Degreed does not log this data. This attribute has been removed. This is technically a breaking change. We hope that nobody was using the null value and apologize for any inconvenience. We will not make a habit of breaking changes.
  • Documentation:

July 2022

  • Fixed:
    • When a completion POST is executed, the response body correctly notes the time the request was submitted as the resource creation time. (PD-76491)
    • The API now presents the correct skill target ratings when retrieving a Skill Plan. (PD-77149)
    • The error messaging for the Opportunities endpoint is now improved. (PD-77171)
  • Documentation:
    • Added X-Degreed-Organization-Code header to endpoints that work with GAT.
    • Added filter[term]=<keyword> query parameter filter for GET ALL Content endpoints. The filter criteria returns content that contains the keyword in the title, summary, or labels.

June 2022

  • Added:
    • The /skill-plans endpoint now supports creating, modifying, and deleting a Skill Plan.
    • The /pathways endpoint now supports creating, modifying, and deleting a Pathway.
  • Documentation:
    • Added duration and date attributes to Event content items.
    • Updated description for daily-logins in Get a Specific User.

May 2022

  • Fixed:
    • We resolved an issue that caused the API’s Skills endpoint to time out unexpectedly. (PD-74126)
    • We resolved an issue that prevented using the API to add Skills to Podcast content items. (PD-73821)
    • We improved the error message that displays when you try to create a completion via the API but do so incorrectly. (PD-73643)
    • We resolved an issue that prevented the date and duration information of an Event from being accessible via the API. This information is now accessible via the API.
      Note: this bug did not pertain to events with specific times of day, which are not yet supported by the API. (PD-74415, PD-75282)
  • Documentation:

March 2022

  • Added:
    • New API Developer Portal released.
    • Opportunity endpoint added.

January 2022

November 2021

  • Added:
  • Fixed:
    • Delete Skills from content returns a 204 on success as documented.
    • Prevent in-active provider's content from being returned in the api for content endpoints.
    • Add collaborators relationship to Get a Specific Skill Plan.
    • On specific content endpoints the filter[internal_only] is applied when using the filter[external_id] query parameter.
    • Allow all completions for provider content to be returned in the api.
  • Documentation: