January 2024

  • Fixed
    • When creating content via the API, the "&" symbol in the URL attribute is no longer being replaced by "&" in the response. (PD-93179)

December 2023

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July 2023

June 2023

  • Improved
    • After 7 years of service, API v1 ceased operating in June 2023. API v1 is entirely replaced and superseded by API v2. All clients and partners currently using the API are using v2. There has been no interruption in service for API v2, and you should not expect any.
    • The API no longer validates the format value for content items. This value appears in the UI as a filter option in search. Previously, only a list of acceptable values were allowed, however, now any value is allowed.
  • Added
    • Focus skills can now be assigned to users using the the /user-skills endpoint. The is-focus attribute can be used with POST and PATCH methods to indicate if the skill is a focus skill. (PD-84649)
    • Added external-id attribute to GET/organization-skills.

May 2023

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