August 2023

July 2023

June 2023

  • Improved
    • After 7 years of service, API v1 ceased operating in June 2023. API v1 is entirely replaced and superseded by API v2. All clients and partners currently using the API are using v2. There has been no interruption in service for API v2, and you should not expect any.
    • The API no longer validates the format value for content items. This value appears in the UI as a filter option in search. Previously, only a list of acceptable values were allowed, however, now any value is allowed.
  • Added
    • Focus skills can now be assigned to users using the the /user-skills endpoint. The is-focus attribute can be used with POST and PATCH methods to indicate if the skill is a focus skill. (PD-84649)
    • Added external-id attribute to GET/organization-skills.

May 2023

April 2023

March 2023

January 2023

  • Added:
    • Added /organization-skills. This endpoint better organizes skills. In the future, we will expand functionality in this new endpoint. The existing /skills endpoint will continue to be supported at this time, however, no further development work will occur.
    • Added support for CareerProfessional and TechnicalAdmin to the permission-role for /user endpoints.
  • Improved:
    • Added privacy improvements. If the Anonymize Private Learners setting is enabled for your organization and a user’s profile is set to private, the API withholds private users' data from being returned. Some data will stop being accredited to particular users and start being accredited to Anonymous. For more information, see Anonymized User Data.
  • Documentation:
    • Updated description for next query parameter value for Get All endpoints. This value expires after 2 minutes if a request has not been made during that time.
    • Updated description of is-endorsed for SkillRating endpoints. is-endorsed indicates whether the user completed a Skill Review and it was endorsed by someone in their organization.

November 2022

  • Fixed:
    • Previously, when using the API to update a user, the API did not validate to ensure the user had an organizational email. The API now requires an organizational email for requests to update users. (PD-80123)
    • The API cannot be used to update a user's profile-image-url. The API now returns an error if you try to update a user’s profile-image-url. (PD-80123)

October 2022

  • Fixed:
    The filter[start_date] and filter[end_date] query parameters for Get All Content and User endpoints now operate independently. Previously, supplying only the filter[end_date] parameter had no effect on the query. (PD-79042)
  • Added:
    Get All Content endpoints now support filter[modified_before] and filter[modified_after]. (PD-79042)

September 2022

  • Fixed:
    • The xAPI formerly reported the Pathway in which a content item was completed. We fixed a bug that stopped that from happening. (PD-77722)
    • /skill-plans pathway now validates the section-type provided in POST and PATCH requests to ensure only valid data is accepted. (PD-78685)
    • /skill-plans and pathways endpoints previously accepted a range of values that was too broad for the metadata attribute. Those endpoints now only accept JSON objects. (PD-78819)
  • Added:
    • GET /skill-plans/{id} now includes the ID for each section in the skill plan. (PD-78684)
    • /skill-plans now returns more attributes in the GET ALL method, i.e., GET without ID specified. (PD-78523)
  • Documentation:
    • Fixed the /skill-plans endpoint to include section-id and section-resource-id.
    • Added OAuth Server and Tenant Server URLs for CA and EU clients to the xAPI LinkedIn Learning guide.