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[Error] user-identifier-type not working properly

Hi! I'm posting completions correctly by using Email as user-identifier-type, ONLY when the given user has EmployeeId filled. If the user has the employee-id as null, it doesn't work, no matter I'm specifying the user-identifier-type as Email. I know, you can think: "Yeah, this guy is doing a wrong request" My answer is: "No, I think I'm not. You have the necessary information below" I've tested it by using your swagger, via Postman with my own credentials and via direct integration in our code. It doesn't work, we have always the same error. You can reproduce with this information (I'm not sharing any authorization token). I give you permission to test it out Method: POST Endpoint: <https://api.betatest.degreed.com/api/v2/completions> Body: {"data":{"type":"completions","attributes":{"user-id":"[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])","user-identifier-type":"Email","content-id":"pack_level_ar_a1","content-id-type":"ExternalId","content-type":"Course","completed-at":"2023-01-01T00:00:00.000Z"}}} Can you, please check why you cannot POST a completion using the user-identifier-type Email if the user has no employee-id? I'm waiting for your answer :smiley: Thank you

Custom Attribute Scope

I noticed that with the July release custom attributes have been added as end points.will we actually obtain those scope permissions? I'm also wondering if there will be a rules API, although I understand that could be complex. I need to start testing out group of concept functionalities ASAP.

Pathway Subsection sequence is ignored

Hello, when trying to create a Pathway, the sequences that I provide in my request are ignored and the API sequences the subsections in the order that the objects were provided in the JSON Array

Endorsements attached to content

Right now the Pathway API calls allow us to see if a Pathway is endorsed or not. With now being able to endorse content at the content level, is there an enhancement that is planned in the near future for completions API calls? The immediate question we're trying to answer is if there is a significant difference between clicks on unendorsed vs. endorsed content.

Mentoring flag on user record

For orgs which have the opportunities market place enabled, users have the option to make themselves available as mentors by enabling the "Become a Mentor" flag on their profile. Is it possible to retrieve this data point via the API? If not, please consider adding this data point to the user record. This would enable orgs to pull a list of all employees who selected this option. For us this would be very valuable. Thanks!

How can I jump to a section in a pathway via an external link?

Hi all, I've been experimenting with this for hours, hoping someone on here can help. We've designed an online induction and are using a degreed pathway as the resources page with links to additional materials. There are currently 14 sections, so it would be great to enable learners to directly jump to relevant section when they click a link to the pathway. I worked out the "table of contents" for the pathway uses "section-x" ids (x being the numbers of the sections), and they work internally, i.e. while I'm viewing the pathway page, however I don't seem to be able to jump to these ids if I use an external link. For example, if I click <https://eu.degreed.com/pathway/k953nxxxx/pathway#section-14>, the link gets changed to <https://eu.degreed.com/pathway/k953nxxxxsection-14/pathway> by the browser and I receive the error message _"Uh Oh! Looks like you don't have access to this page. If you feel like this is an error, please contact our support team."_ Any help with this would be kindly appreciated. Thanks in anticipation, Chris

SSO MetaData URL

Hey, I am trying to implement the SAML SSO, Here I need metadata URL can you guide me where to find it right now I am using you betatestaccount

Dear team

We have a PHP application and we want to use degreed API to manage the below functionality through the PHP application: 1. Get user Information 2. Upload SCORM or xAPI complainant courses/content(zip file) 3. Assign courses to learners for a specific date 4. Get the user's course data. (for SCORM it will be suspend_data, score, and for xAPI courses it will be statements data.) 5. Add new User 6. assign courses to a specific team or group of learners. Please let me know which is possible and which is not possible. **Note**: My client is using the degreed platform but he doesn't know about API.

xAPI - Pathway completion

Hi, How can I use xAPI to see if a user completed a pathway. Regards, Rohit

x-api get statements filters

1.how to get list of all supported verbs which can be used as filter for the get statements x-api ? for eg. - <https://api.degreed.com/xAPI/verbs/completed> , <https://api.degreed.com/xAPI/verbs/loggedin> 2. what is the verb to get completed pathways? 3. what is the value that we need to enter for agent field ? Is it email or name ? i tried both but doesn't work. 4. what is the datetime format of "since" and "until" fields ?