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Pagination does not work on /users/{email}/user-skills endpoint

When i pass 'next' query parameter it still returns first set.

expires_in value is in seconds or milliseconds?

I saw in the docs access token endpoint returns expires_in. Is the number in seconds or milliseconds

well-known URIs to discover metadata

Can we have a `/.well-known/openid-configuration` as described in [RFC8414](https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc8414) ?

Register a Webhook for events?

Can we register a webhook where certain events are sent to? It would be great to define a webhook that will receive all kinds of events that are happening (Starting a course, completions of courses, pathways, etc.; ratings). Any chance of getting that?

Line breaks in description text.

I know Degreed provides limited support for Markdown in some text fields. Is there a way to force a line break or a new paragraph?

POST /oauth/token failing with error "The SSL connection could not be established..."

I'm getting an exception when calling ``` POST /oauth/token ``` Exception Type: ``` System.IO.IOException ``` The full error message is: The SSL connection could not be established, see inner exception. Received an unexpected EOF or 0 bytes from the transport stream. I am only getting this error in our QA environment. When running locally or Dev environment, it is working as expected. Both Dev / QA use the same Degreed ClientID / ClientSecrets. Both use <https://betatest.degreed.com/oauth/token> Just need some pointers on common scenarios where this error is being thrown <br> Thank you

Course 'Delete' endpoint behaviour

Hi, I was facing an issue in my Degreed2 integration with edx. From our Splunk logs, I confirmed that we attempted a course deletion and (few minutes later) tried recreating same course but we got 409 error "Resource already exists". But our degreed client reported that course wasn't visible to them. Now I've 2 questions: 1. I think deleting a course will mark it as absolute? if yes then instead of re-creating same course, I'll have to update it and set `obsolete` to `false`? OR 2. If a course was previously deleted, does re-creating it will automatically set `obsolete`to`true`? Regards, Hamza Waleed

Skill taxonomy export

Good day! Is it possible to export the existing Degreed skills taxonomy?

API Reference Document

I know that all of the data is available on this site, but is there a way to get a copy of the full reference docs for the API and xAPI? To do it from the website I would have to copy and paste from each page. Thanks.

Special characters like àóü get stored as &#200; in the API

When creating content like courses, and having a title like "Título", with an accentuated character, the API responds with "TÈtulo". This doesn't happen when creating the exact same course through the UI, so it's probably an issue with the API itself. It also happens with the "Try It!" feature in the API documentation, so it's probably not caused by our integration.