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Skill taxonomy export

Good day! Is it possible to export the existing Degreed skills taxonomy?

API Reference Document

I know that all of the data is available on this site, but is there a way to get a copy of the full reference docs for the API and xAPI? To do it from the website I would have to copy and paste from each page. Thanks.

Special characters like àóü get stored as È in the API

When creating content like courses, and having a title like "Título", with an accentuated character, the API responds with "TÈtulo". This doesn't happen when creating the exact same course through the UI, so it's probably an issue with the API itself. It also happens with the "Try It!" feature in the API documentation, so it's probably not caused by our integration.

Hi, I'm using create a new group API. We are trying to pass special characters in the Name and description feild like apostrophe(') at the input, But we are getting &#39 at the output instead of (') character. Why this is happening?

Ex: INPUT: Name-Shrikant's group. OUTPUT: Name-Shrikant's group.

Getting 429

Hi, We are getting 429 for different Degreed end-points with the error message - "code": "quota-exceeded", "status": 429, "title": "API calls quota exceeded.", "detail": "Maximum 70 requests allowed per 1m." Please clarify - 1. Is this rate limit defined per consumer or per API? If I am using one client id to generate a token and then using the same to call different APIs, is the rate limit being set per client id or per API call using the same client id? 2. How we can resolve this. If this is defined at a client id/consumer level, would getting multiple client ids help? 3. How to get multiple client ids? Thanks

Test Connection Endpoint?

Is there a test connection endpoint avaiable?

UTF-8 Issue

Hi Team, We currently using api Create a New Course to push some new courses on Degreed, the issue is coming when for title and description French characters are been loaded with chinese symbols. Example: Title: Tést àccènten ôp Degreed Description: Tést ôp LXP Degreed om àccenten te bekijken ...loading on degreed as T鳴 ࣣ讴en 䰠Degreed T鳴 䰠LXP Degreed om ࣣenten te bekijken have you faced this before? how can I fix this issue? Cheers, John.

I am trying to "Create a New Completion" and activity type in degreed is "Post". API call returns an error :"field content-type has the following problem: must be one of the following values: article, assessment, book, course, event, podcast, task, video". Is there a work around to this?

# mark completion for a user import requests url = "<https://api.degreed.com/api/v2/completions"> payload = { "data": { "type": "completions", "attributes": { "is-verified": True, "questions-correct": 0, "percentile": 0, "user-identifier-type": "**\***", "user-id": "ALKnLZ", "completed-at": "2023-10-30 00:00:00", "content-type": "post", "content-id": "eyBm9", "content-id-type": "Id" } } } headers = { "accept": "application/json", "content-type": "application/json", "authorization": "Bearer Token } response = requests.post(url, json=payload, headers=headers) print(response.text)

Deactivate user in degreed

Does degreed has option to deactivate a created user? If so which api and attribute need to be used?

[Error] Invalid user identifier on completions API

Whenever we try to make an API call to submit completions for a customer's learner using the completions endpoint([https://base-api-url/api/v2/completions](https://api.betatest.degreed.com/api/v2/completions)), we get this error "Invalid user identifier". We are using email as the identifier type and we are getting this error for a lot of learners. I can confirm that all these learners exist on the customers side and are valid learners. Posting below an example request/response body for reference. **REQUEST** ``` { "data": { "type": "completions", "attributes": { "user-id": "[email protected]", "user-identifier-type": "Email", "content-id": "ABC+XYZ", "content-id-type": "ExternalId", "content-type": "course", "completed-at": "2023-10-04T19:11:35.077Z", "percentile": 60.0 } } } ``` **RESPONSE** ``` Client create_course_completion failed: { "errors": [ { "id": "exampleid", "code": "bad-request", "status": 400, "title": "Bad Request", "detail": "Invalid user identifier: [email protected]", "source": "[email protected]" } ] } ``` Any help on this will be highly appreciated!