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Obsolete content in the /content endpoint

Hi This is more a suggestion than a question :-) For content quality reasons we need to find all plans/pathways which include content items pointing to a specific URL. Since the /content endpoint does not return obsolete content, the only way to get this information is to pull all /pathways, then all /pathways/{id} and then all /content/{id}. And do the same for /skill-plans. Having approx. 2k pathways and 1.5k plans and assuming each of them have an average of 5 content items makes this a ~5 hour data load process. That's not super convenient. Please consider to make obsolete content items available in the /content endpoint. I have opened a ER for this more then a year ago, but have not seen any movement so far. Would you have an alternative solution/suggestion for me?

Sending data to degreed

How do we send our courses and user details to degreed through api? All the documentation seems to be geared around extracting information from degreed.

How can I integrate degreed into my SlackGrid?

Hey 👋 , I would like to integrate my degreed LMS into Slack to offer a better onboarding for my employees. Is there already a ready to go integration?

Duplicates in skill-ratings

Skill ratings gives duplicates. At first we thought it was a problem of the data being sorted descending and new records moving the data under the pagination "next" cursors but duplicates actually appear on the same page as well. E.g. this request for one tenant produces results including two paris of identical duplicates https://api.degreed.com/api/v2/skill-ratings?limit=1000&filter%5Bstart_date%5D=2022-05-22&filter%5Bend_date%5D=2022-05-22

user_skills Data Endpoints

I've been using a JSON parser inside a Python script to parse logins, content, views, users, pathways and completions. However, I've been struggling to get the JSON information for user_skills endpoints. Is there a different way to query the user_skills, search_terms, and skill_plans as opposed to the other data endpoints? I've been getting a 'JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)' error.

Allowing 3rd Party API requests

Hello, I am trying to use the Degreed API from Microsoft Sharepoint and I am running into the below error: Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'https://degreed.com/oauth/token' from origin 'https://test.sharepoint.com' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Is there a way to allow 3rd party requests from Degreed?

Do you employ API versioning?

API versioning is considered industry best practice: https://restfulapi.net/versioning/ I notice some of your documentation includes URLs that appear to indicate that API versioning is in place. However, before I make recommendations to any of my clients, I wanted to confirm that is the case because I don't see a specific page that discussed this topic.

Pathway sections items and duration

For example for this pathway we have 12 items, 4 sections and 26 hours. https://degreed.com/pathway/49EYQX6185/pathway Is there an api to extract this data?

Enable Title Search on Content/Pathway endpoints.

Hi Degreed team, We currently have a use case to search and filter on content titles. I understand that we can filter on IDs, but that would require us to have a full copy of the Degreed data on our side, and to keep things in sync would be some what painful. I'd rather have the API allow us to search for the content directly by title or filter the api by content-type, etc. and get details that way. Is this feature available today? Or is this already on your roadmap? Or can it be? Thanks,

User Required Learning Endpoint Pagination

Hi, We went through User Required Learning Endpoint Detail, though it has limits parameter to define the limit in per page API response but doesn't mention how to get next page. Is it similar to other endpoints where we use next parameter or something differenct? https://developer.degreed.com/reference/get_api-v2-users-id-required-learning