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API to Get Trackable links for Pathways and their statistics

We have requirement to pull trackable links for Pathways and their statistics. We couldn't find any API to pull such data on https://developer.degreed.com/reference/overview. Could you please share the API if we missed in our research or a possible workaround to pull such data?

Do you employ API versioning?

API versioning is considered industry best practice: https://restfulapi.net/versioning/ I notice some of your documentation includes URLs that appear to indicate that API versioning is in place. However, before I make recommendations to any of my clients, I wanted to confirm that is the case because I don't see a specific page that discussed this topic.

Skills Taxonomy

Are we able to access the base skills taxonomy to assess whether it matches the taxonomy that we have developed in order to look at the complexity of combining?

Skill target levels

Hi degreed dev team! We leverage multiple endpoints of the current API set to calculate KPIs for management dashboards. We are very keen to utilize the skill targets to calculate a skill quotient. The "skill quotient" is the ratio of the skills we have (supply: skill ratings x people) and the skills we need (demand: skill target levels x people). Question: How can we figure the skill target levels and its sources (from skill plan, manager) from a specific skill via the API?

Please explain content types to me?

I see there are a lot of content types, but I'm not sure how they relate to my own data types. Can someone please direct me to an overview?

Having a Generic Query API

It is suggestion more than a question. Degreed should have generic query api which allows us to execute query multiple object have any filters. Current GET API's are limited in filters and having complex joining capabilities. and getting anything new in API takes lot of time. Degreed like Salesforce, NetSuite etc should have a generic Query API. Please raise this as an idea internally.

Enable Title Search on Content/Pathway endpoints.

Hi Degreed team, We currently have a use case to search and filter on content titles. I understand that we can filter on IDs, but that would require us to have a full copy of the Degreed data on our side, and to keep things in sync would be some what painful. I'd rather have the API allow us to search for the content directly by title or filter the api by content-type, etc. and get details that way. Is this feature available today? Or is this already on your roadmap? Or can it be? Thanks,

Getting Null Payload For Prod Content API

We have data in prod but getting null payload for every hit. This use to work earlier. And there is no authentication failure. Need help. https://api.eu.degreed.com/api/v2/content https://api.eu.degreed.com/api/v2/content/courses { "links": { "self": "https://api.eu.degreed.com/api/v2/content" }, "data": [] }

Pathway sections items and duration

For example for this pathway we have 12 items, 4 sections and 26 hours. https://degreed.com/pathway/49EYQX6185/pathway Is there an api to extract this data?

How can I integrate degreed into my SlackGrid?

Hey 👋 , I would like to integrate my degreed LMS into Slack to offer a better onboarding for my employees. Is there already a ready to go integration?