API Reference

The Degreed API allows you to manage the data contained within Degreed using HTTP requests. For information on how to get started, see Getting Started with the API.

The API includes REST endpoints to help you CRUD a variety of data points:


Relevant Endpoints and Useful Documentation

Content and working with different content types

Guides: Using the Content Endpoints

/bundles for sharing content between Extended Enterprise organizations.

Users and user profiles

/user-skills to record a user as having a skill
/skill-ratings to record a user's skill rating

Learning activities

/required-learning to record a learning as required
/completions to record a content item as completed, read, watched, etc.

Get recommended learning and learning activities specific to a particular user using the /users endpoint.

Organizing learning and curating content


Get the pathways and skill plans that a specific user follows using the /users endpoint.



Get opportunities that relate to a specific user using the /users endpoint.