The Badges endpoint allows you to add, update, remove, and get badges in the Open Badge format to or from user profiles.

Open Badge supports the following roles:

  • Badge issuer - The individual or organization awarding badges to earners.
  • Badge host - An organization that tracks all the badges. A badge host imports, aggregate, and publicly hosts Open Badges for earners while also supporting the export of badges at the recipient's request. Credly is an example of a badge host as a service. LinkedIn Learning, on the other hand, not only issues badges but also hosts its own badges.
  • Badge displayer - An application or organization that displays Open Badges with their associated metadata. The badges displayed typically link back to a page at the host’s site that describe that badge and the earner’s accomplishments.

Degreed is a badge displayer. We do not validate that the badges are authentic. We do not store the badge and its details, but only keep a record of a particular user having received it, and enough information (image and backlink) for a user to see where the badge is hosted and learn more.