The User endpoint allows you to retrieve, update, and delete users and retrieve specific user details.

Setting Configurations

Some attributes associated with the User endpoint can be updated programmatically only when relevant settings are configured in Degreed. Refer to the table below for attributes with prerequisites.

job-roleYou must have the job role setting configured for your organization. Contact your Degreed Technical Solutions Specialist for assistance.

Data per User

The /user path also provides a variety of endpoints for any particular user. The format is typically /user/{userId}/{datapoint} where

  • {userId} is the userId associated with the user in the Degreed API
  • {datapoint} is the name of the data point as documented in the API reference.

For example, while you can use the /skill-ratings endpoint to get all skill ratings in your organization, you can use /users/{userId}/skill-ratings to get the skill ratings only for the identified user.