A content bundle is a grouping of specific content items within the Global Catalog that you can share, via visibility settings, with different organizations in your Extended Enterprise. When you add, remove, or edit the content within a content bundle, all organizations that have visibility into that bundle see the updates. Bundles are only available for Extended Enterprise clients.

Use content bundles to centrally-manage groupings of content for multiple organizations. Once you add content items to a content bundle, you can then grant different organizations visibility to the content within that bundle, which gives you flexibility in sharing the same content to different audiences across your organizations. Refer to Share a Content Bundle for information on visibility settings.

To create completions for content items in a bundle using the completions endpoint, your API request must:

  • use the API key for the Extended Enterprise organization
  • include the X-Degreed-Organization-Code": {tenant-org-code} request header for the tenant organization you want to access.

Contact your Degreed technical partner if you are unsure what your organization code is. For more information, see Accessing Data via the Global Admin Tool for Extended Enterprise Organizations.