Create a New Assessment

This endpoint creates a new assessment in the system and optionally creates visibility group relationships.

For Global Admin Tool Organizations, if the X-Degreed-Organization-Code header is included, the endpoint will create content for the Tenant Organization related to the header value as long as the organization is a member of the Global Admin Tool Organization.

Note: When visibility groups are set for content, the groups must either be (a) all of privacy level Administrative or (b) all of a non- Administrative privacy level. Non- Administrative privacy levels include Open, Closed and Private. Content in Administrative groups is only visible to users in the Administrative groups. If the content is not associated with any Administrative groups, the content is visible to all users in the organization. A group's privacy level can be retrieved from the Get a Specific Group endpoint.

Required Scope



After creating an assessment, allow at least 15 minutes to pass before retrieving the assessment with GET calls.

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