Degreed works diligently to maintain an open ecosystem. Our desire is to enhance the user experience by leveraging relationships and technologies that may add functionality or features, rather than work competing features into our platform.

Some ideas may infringe on the basic functions of Degreed, even if well-intentioned. Any new integrations being built must be reviewed, verified and accepted by either or both of Degreed’s Strategic Partnerships or Product Integrations teams. They will review proof-of-concept and/or mock-up versions of new integrations to make sure that the features included enhance the Degreed experience, and/or include beneficial requested features or functionality.

Note that the Degreed experience includes curation of content and directive objects to help people learn. If integrations include functionality that replicates Degreed platform functionality or simply eliminates the need for the use of the Degreed platform, those integrations potentially may not earn approval. Without this process being complete, a new integration will not be permitted into Degreed’s production environments. Contact Degreed’s Strategic Partnerships team at [email protected] to start the process of vetting a new integration concept.

Integrations built outside of Degreed’s purview might not be permitted to operate in Degreed production environments.

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