Available Statements for GET Operations to Retrieve Degreed Events



Added User Skill

The user added a new user skill.

Removed User Skill

The user removed a user skill.

Completed Content

The user completed content on Degreed or any third-party.

Completed Pathway

The user completed a Pathway.

Created Group

The user created a new group.

Deleted Group

The user deleted a group.

Followed Pathway

The user followed a Pathway.

Followed User

The user followed another user on Degreed.

Joined Group

The user joined a group on Degreed.

Liked Content

The user liked content on Degreed.

Disliked Content

The user disliked content on Degreed.

Logged in

The user logged into Degreed.

Saved Content

The user saved content on Degreed.

Unsaved Content

The user removed saved content on Degreed

Viewed Content

The user viewed content on Degreed, mind, only viewed, not completed.

Was invited to Group

The user was invited to a group.

Was Shared Content

The user retrieved content being shared by another user.

Deleted Comment

The user deleted a comment.

Marked Incomplete

The user marked a previously-completed resource as not completed.

Unenrolled Pathway

The user un-enrolled from a pathway.

Completed Recommendation

The user completed a recommendation.

Completed Queued Items

The user completed a queued item.

Un-followed User

The user un-followed another user on Degreed.

Left Group

The user left a group.

Created Pathway

The user created a new pathway.

Created Plan

The user created a new plan.

Deleted Plan

The user deleted a plan.

Followed Plan

The user followed a plan.

Un-followed Plan

The user un-followed a plan.

User Skill Was Rated

The user rated a user skill.

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