Troubleshooting Data Access Issues

If you’re having trouble accessing a piece of data using the API, make sure the following is true:

  • Your organization owns it.
    The API only returns data for the organization associated with your access token. This excludes public provider content, because it is not owned by your organization. Public provider content can only be retrieved by its ID and not through a GET ALL request.
  • The data is not marked as obsolete.
    Degreed uses a soft delete for deleting content because completions and Pathways may still include that content, unless otherwise selected. Degreed marks soft deleted content as obsolete. When sending a GET ALL request on a content endpoint, it will not retrieve soft deleted content unless you reference its specific content ID.
  • The data is not marked as restricted.
    Content marked as restricted is limited to administrative groups.
  • If your organization is a member of Extended Enterprise, the correct header is included in the request.
    Some endpoints are only accessible to organizations that use the Global Admin Tool (GAT) to manage Extended Enterprise. For Extended Enterprise organizations, the API only returns data if the X-Degreed-Organization-Code header is included in the request. For more information, see Accessing Data via the Global Admin Tool for Extended Enterprise Organizations.

Anonymized User Data

If the Anonymize Private Learners setting is enabled for your organization and a user’s profile is set to private, the API withholds private users' data from being returned.

When you request or send data about a particular user, if the user is anonymized, the API returns one of the following:

  • An HTTP 400 status,
  • An HTTP 404 status, or
  • The record with identifying details replaced appropriately with one of the following:
    • the string Anonymous
    • a null value
    • date-time values are set to their minimum value
    • numbers are set to 0

For more information, see Anonymized User Data.