Where to Integrate in the Degreed Ecosystem

Most integrations are built such that the content objects are unique and specific to a single organization within Degreed. However, Degreed is proud to offer a public catalog – a repository of content integrations available to all Degreed users.

Individual customer organizations

This is the most common integration, typically at the request of a mutual customer. Any of the integration methods can be built in a way that funnels the data only to that customer’s Degreed users. When integrating with Degreed’s API endpoints, customers can provide the API key that provides access to only their Degreed organization via the Degreed UI, directly to the integrator.

Public Content

Public content integrations reside in Degreed’s public catalog. The integration is not tied to a customer organization and can be surfaced to any Degreed user. Public content integrations are meant only for content data pillars, and cannot support SSO authentication, completions, required learning, or skill integrations.

Public content integrations have high visibility for developing content catalogs, and are therefore subject to guidelines laid out by Degreed. When integrating public content via Degreed’s API endpoints, the Degreed Strategic Partnerships team must be consulted for API access and participation in this program.


Both of the options above may be supported for a single integrator. This means an integrator may have customer-specific integrations as well as a globally visible public content integration. The Degreed Strategic Partnerships team can provide support building a sustainable integration against Degreed’s API endpoints that the integrator can re-deploy with future customers.

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