LinkedIn Learning

Degreed currently supports incoming xAPI statements from LinkedIn Learning, and stores them as completions.


  • Enabled LinkedIn Learning catalog integration on Degreed. Refer to the LinkedIn Learning instructions in the Degreed Knowledge Center for more information.
  • OAuth token with xapi:write scope.

Enabling the Integration

To enable the xAPI integration:

  1. Obtain an OAuth token from Degreed with the xapi:write scope enabled.
  2. Go to the administration settings on LinkedIn Learning.
  3. In LinkedIn Learning's settings, select Integrations, then Reporting APIs.
  4. Add a new Reporting API integration with the following values:
Integration NameDescriptive name of the integration. For example, "Degreed".
User TypeThe default is "email". If SSO is set up on LinkedIn and Degreed, you can use ID.
OAuth Server URLUS:
Tenant Server URLUS:
Client IDThe supplied client ID value from Degreed's OAuth token.
Client SecretThe supplied secret value from Degreed's OAuth token.