The Degreed API uses the following error codes:

Error CodeMeaning
400Bad Request. Your request is invalid. There are several reasons why this can be the case.

The error response provides further information about the specific reason why the request cannot be honored.
401Unauthorized. Your API key is invalid.
403Forbidden. You don't have the right to visit this resource.

This may be because the owner of the record may have marked it private. This error displays when posting the client authentication request and the client credentials or scopes are incorrect. Commonly, you have attempted to assign scopes to an access_token that its API key does not possess.

Please verify the client credentials and scopes.
404Not Found. The resource could not be found.
405Method Not Allowed. You tried to access a resource with an invalid method.
406Not Acceptable. The format is not valid. We only accept JSON.
409Resource conflict. You cannot use the same ExternalID or URL to identify multiple resources. Check to make sure you don't have a user, content, etc., with the same URL or ExternalID.
410Gone. The resource requested has been removed from our servers.
429Too Many Requests. You have submitted too many requests.

Degreed limits the number of calls a single API client can make to 70 requests per minute (rpm). If you exceed the limit, this response is returned. See Rate Limiting for more information.
500Internal Server Error. We had a problem with our server. Try again later.
503Service Unavailable. Possibilities include that:
(a) We're temporarily offline for maintenance.
(b) Our service is currently experiencing a very high volume of demand.

You can write your application to retry the attempt 30-120 seconds later and likely resolve the problem.