Pagination is used to retrieve large sets of data to improve performance and reduce the amount of data transferred in a single request. Pagination allows you to retrieve data in smaller, manageable chunks.

The Degreed API takes a snapshot of the paginated set of data at the time of your first request. Use the next parameter in subsequent requests to retrieve the next page of results. Each "next request" contains a different next value that must be updated for subsequent requests (i.e., each time you use the "next URL", the response provides you with a new "next URL" for the next page). The snapshotted set of data becomes obsolete if a request with the next parameter has not been made for 2 minutes.

Refer to the API Reference for more information on endpoints that support pagination.


In this example, the Get All Content request is asking for 5 content items per page.


The API response includes the requested page of data, along with the link to retrieve the next set of data: "next": "<>"

	"links": {  
		"self": "<">,  
		"next": "<>"  
	"data": \[  
			"type": "content",  
			"id": "zQZrYE5",  
			"attributes": {  
				"content-type": "Article",  
				"external-id": "4.68498726035481E+18",  
				"title": "The title of the content",  
				"summary": "summary",  
				"url": "<">,  
				"format": "Article",  
				"is-obsolete": false,  
				"image-url": "<">,  
				"language": "en",  
				"duration": 1368.0000,  
				"duration-type": "Words",  
				"provider": "Internal",  
				"is-internal": true,  
				"owner": "author of content",  
				"learning-minutes": 5.47,  
				"created-at": "2022-03-13T21:31:12.44",  
				"modified-at": "2023-05-16T10:40:08.573",  
				"publish-date": null,  
				"degreed-url": "<>"  
			"type": "content",  
			"id": "yTZrYE5",  
			"attributes": {  
				"content-type": "Article",  
				"external-id": "6.78493726035491E+15",  
				..........* response has been truncated for example purposes *......

To retrieve the next set of content items, use the next parameter from the response in your next request: