Content Providers and Partners

Welcome to the Degreed Ecosystem!


Existing Degreed Clients

If you are a current Degreed client, see Getting Started with the API and API Reference.

Content Providers and Other Integrators

If you are not currently a Degreed client but would like to work with Degreed to build an integration, there are a few things you'll need to do so that you can easily integrate with Degreed.

  1. A provider record within the Degreed ecosystem is required in order to integrate content into Degreed.
  2. Learn about the data types you can use to integrate with Degreed.

    There are several standard data types that you can use to integrate with Degreed to contribute to the LXP user experience.
  3. Degreed uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol’s Client Credentials Flow for authentication and authorization.
  4. Review Degreed content management concepts.

    Content integrations are set up to automate the creation and maintenance of content, required learning, and completions.
  5. Learn about Single Sign-On authentication of Degreed users with your content.

    Degreed supports Single-Sign-On (SSO) connections as part of our integrated ecosystem.